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Winter Health

Winter is the busiest time for the NHS, when lots of us pick up nasty bugs, injuries and illness. Learn how you can keep yourself fit and strong this Winter, and help relieve pressure on your NHS…

Beat The Flu!

The flu is a nasty illness, that spreads easily. It can make you feel really unwell and have serious complications for some people.

Find out how you can fight the flu this winter…

Tackle Coughs & Colds

Get great advice on how you can protect yourself from picking up and spreading bugs at winter.

Remember if you have a cold, pass your local doctors and head to the pharmacy!

Stay Fit & Healthy

Brrr! As it gets cold and dark, it’s always tempting to stay in front of the TV and tuck into unhealthy comfort food.

Get some great tips on staying healthy, positive and full of energy at winter.

Pass A&E!

Winter is the busiest time of the year for the NHS. The NHS faces real pressure from people unnecessarily choosing to visit A&E.

Find out when to visit A&E and the brilliant support available at  Walk-In Centre’s and Urgent Care…

Health & Happy Families

Winter is a magical time for families. Make the most of it by staying healthy and well!

Find out how you can protect your family from winter illnesses, and stay healthy and active this winter.

Beat The Winter Blues!

Get fantastic advice from the Rugby League Cares programme ‘Offload’ on how you can beat the blues this winter…

Find fantastic tips on building your mental resilience…

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