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Know Your Options

Find out how you can avoid waiting around and help take pressure off the NHS, by making the right choices when you are ill or injured….

Know your options

Support Your NHS

We’ve only got one NHS and it is facing lots of challenges right now, so we all need to play our part in supporting it.

Hear from the Widnes Vikings stars on why they are proud to back the Beat The Scrum campaign, and want us all to team up to take pressure off local services.

Pass A&E!

Accident and Emergency is only there for serious and life-threatening emergencies, for everything else choose your local Walk-In Centre or Urgent Care.

By doing so, you’ll allow doctors and nurses to focus on delivering life-saving care, and save yourself a long wait to be treated.

Walk-In Centres and Urgent Care

Walk-In Centres or Urgent Care Centres offer quality support for non-emergency situations.

The average waiting time at a Walk In or Urgent Care Centre is often less than one hour, compared to more than four hours at A & E. So, if you don’t need Accident and Emergency, this is your best choice!

All About GP's

GP’s help treat and advise on conditions that you can’t care for yourself but don’t need immediate treatment.

Remember, if you’ve got an everyday condition that you can care for yourself, visit your local pharmacy first!

All About Pharmacies

Pharmacies can recognise many common health complaints, providing expert advice and medicines that will help clear up your problem.

Many Pharmacies are open at weekends and evenings, which means you can get advice at a time that suits you. So, if you can treat it yourself, visit your pharmacy first to avoid sitting around in your GP’s waiting room!

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